Michigan Street Corridor Association
1234 Michigan Street NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Michigan Street is continuing to expand as a medical corridor.  As directly impacted parties, we need a strong voice to advocate our position and uphold our commitment to our investors, our customers and our neighbors.

Help us bring about positive growth by being proactive.  Let your voice be heard!   If you want to be ‘in the loop’, voice your opinions, or help to direct future changes to the Michigan Street Corridor, then WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

Our individual opinions matter but we need a unified voice that the City will look to when considering the aspects of growth that affect us all.
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Where, what, how... tell us what you think about making our area more attractive.
Email: cleanourstreet@msca-gr.org

The Michigan Street Corridor Association (MSCA) is devoted to the purposes of furthering the common interests of its members and promoting the general welfare of the businesses, professionals, and residents within the Michigan Street corridor.

Our Goals
1. Development of a Corridor Plan
2. Development of a Corridor Improvement District (CID)
3. Promote and maintain civic interests

One of the key areas that we are looking at for the MSCA to address is the Michigan Street Corridor Plan. Our goal is to make this a transparent and inclusive master planning process involving property owners, merchants, residents, customers and the City of Grand Rapids.This plan includes:

  • Future Land Uses
  • Streetscape Aesthetics (Landscaping, Lighting, Street furnishings, etc.)
  • Green Space Opportunities and Neighborhood Linkages
  • Gateway Opportunities
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Circulation
  • Mass Transit
  • Vehicular Circulation and Road Capacity
  • On-Street Parking

The MSCA area is bounded by Bostwick, Plymouth (west/east), 196 and Fulton (north/south)

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